• Upcoming - LPG

    Upcoming – LPG Plant

  • Quality Coal

    Attractive darken black color with oily glaze appearance.​

  • Calorific Value

    Calorific Value Starts from 6000 kcal/kg.​

  • Content

    Sulfur content below 1%, ensures lesser harm to environment.​

  • Density

    No loosely bound ash & unnecessary smoke upon burning

  • Uniformity

    Uniformity in size & free from Dust & Stone.​

  • Condition

    Free from excessive moisture and foreign particles.

  • Grindability Index

    Researched as per end user demand surveyed from contemporary brick fields.​

  • Friability index

    This is where the text for your Feature List Item should go. It's best to keep it short and sweet.

  • Usable quality

    Bearing perfect maturity as a fuel with readily usable quality

  • Research

    Research based volatility content (Considering the efficiency for both zigzag as well as conventional kiln especially for this South Asian subcontinent) ​

  • Recycling Service

    Post Selling Ash Recycling Service for end user. (Under Research).

SMAR Energy.
A creative partner for smart energy solution.

SMAR Energy is a reliable name in the energy sector around the globe. Our team of dedicated management have accomplished tremendous reputation in the area of fuel, oil and gas industries to establish our expertise. Our company's long standing conglomerate has established strategic partnerships with successful manufactures/ miners /oil producers/ petro chemical suppliers in various specialities. SMAR Energy ensuring the highest quality and top assusrance for coal export/importaround the globe. We, SMAR Energy, play a small part in bringing you your energy needs by our coal mining operations from different geography. SMAR Energy and associate companies are in coal mining since 2010 across in few different cities in UK, UAE, Qatar, Indonesia, Australia, India and Bangladesh .

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